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Predator3d? Structural Adhesive And Sealant
Coherix is leading provider of robust 3D Machine Vision software and hardware solutions engaged in the development and application of high-speed error proofing and assembly verification for the automotive, semiconductor, electronics, and general manufacturing sectors.
The company`s 3D machine vision measurement equipment helps to prevent unscheduled downtime, eliminate scrap and increase throughput, enabling automotive and semiconductor industries to improve quality, while decreasing cost and shortening time to market.
develops and manufactures high speed, high definition 3D machine vision products used to help customers manage precision manufacturing processes.
It uses high-tech optical-based measurement and inspection products to find efficiencies in the automotive and semiconductor industries.
Our products are designed for error-proofing in the automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries, and our customers and partners include global end users, system integrators, and distributors, who demand 100% reliability from Coherix products.
The partnership recognizes Integro as an official system integrator of Coherix robust 3D machine vision solutions, and enables Coherix to serve a wider customer base in automotive, aerospace, electronics and other industries.
Ann Arbor-based high-tech supplier of next-generation holographic and optical inspection systems to measure production and component quality in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical supply and semiconductor industries.
has entered into a partnership with Coherix Inc., a manufacturer of 3D, high-speed, high-definition machine vision products, as an authorized system integrator.
Coherix products are designed for inspection and error-proofing in the automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries.
Currently Coherix serves the automotive, semiconductor, electronics and general manufacturing industries with three major product lines: Predator3D, Robust3D, and ShaPix3D (measurement of critical mating surfaces).
The past year was a fulfilling year for Coherix, as the company introduced two major product lines: Predator3D?, which is the most advanced adhesive and sealant bead inspection system, and Robust3D? error proofing for assembly verification.
The Coherix ShaPix Surface Detective generates high-resolution, 3D images – providing immediate, actionable information for process control in precision machining and manufacturing.
Ann Arbor, Michigan – Coherix, Inc., a global leader in Three-Dimensional (3D) Machine Vision, today announced a new strategic partnership with Integro Technologies.
Its I-Cite software-based vision inspection systems handle equipment in the back-end semiconductor industry and other industries.
Coherix is committed to producing the highest performing 3D machine vision products at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
Embedded with Coherix proprietary solution software, Predator3D bead inspection provides real-time 3D information on bead width, height, volume, location, and detects skips or neck-downs with no external computer needed.
develops and manufactures three-dimensional machine vision products for error-proofing needs in automotive, semiconductor, and electronic industries, as well as industrial, commercial, and government clients.
After successfully expanding its operations into Asia in recent years, the high tech firm that helps improve engine efficiency is making plans for a similar move into India`s markets.But the big news is how Volvo Technology Transfer has made a big investment in Coherix so the Ann Arbor firm can set up shop in Sweden and take advantage of European markets.This represents the latest growth spurt for the company.
Coherix customers and partners include global end users, system integrators, and distributors, who demand 100 percent reliability that Coherix products provide.
Coherix, Inc., a global leader in Three-Dimensional (3D) Machine Vision, today hosted a celebration for the company`s thirteenth anniversary.
Predator3D bead inspection, mounted around the nozzle, is equipped with four high-speed 3D sensors, providing 360? 3D view of the bead in any dispensing direction with no added complexity to robot programming.
It creates efficiencies through high-tech, optical-based measurement and inspection of the assembly processes.
Its principal technology provides high-speed, high-definition 3D measurement and inspection services for manufacturers that increases productivity.
The company is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan with additional offices in the United States, China, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, and Japan.
By utilizing Robust3D machine vision to inspect complex parts during the manufacturing process, companies can ensure the highest quality for their finished components and prevent non-compliant parts from reaching the next step in the manufacturing process. Coherix developed Robust3D solutions to facilitate stringent inspection requirements in the manufacturing environment and to solve your toughest assembly inspection problems.
The difference between each system is based on their measurement cavity and their part-entry mechanism.
Organized by suppliers or products, this buyers guide is your #1 resource for suppliers of all types of inspection, measurement and testing equipment.
ANN ARBOR, MI, Global leader in 3 Dimensional (3D) Machine Vision, today announced the completion of a $12 million investment.
With over 2,000 installations and more than 700 clients worldwide, Integro Technologies is an innovator in machine vision and system integration providing turnkey solutions, consulting, and support services for a wide range of industries.
Based in Salisbury, NC, Integro is a leading machine vision integrator providing turnkey inspection solutions, consulting, onsite support, and customer training services.
It expects to increase its employment by another 20-30 percent within the next year.Coherix develops high-tech systems to improve engine-manufacturing quality.
Coherix`s digital holography, spun out of The University of Michigan, has been refined in labs and plants of many of the leading automotive manufacturers and OEMs.
Founded on October 30, 2003, Coherix has grown into an industry leader in supplying high-speed, high-definition error proofing solutions to customers over the 13 years.
Predator3D provides inline 100% Robust 3D inspection of the bead as it is being dispensed.
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company has offices in the United States, China, Germany, Singapore, and Japan.
The Predator3D machine vision solution product measures and inspects bead height, width (volume) and position, and detects skips.
This technology produces measurements in easy-to-understand, high-definition 3D pictures and reports within minutes.
Coherix is committed to providing the highest performance 3D vision machines with the lowest cost of ownership over the product’s lifetime.
Integro Technologies has been named the 2017 System Integrator of the Year by Control Engineering and Plant Engineering magazines, a System Integrator Giant for five consecutive years, and a 2016 Inc 5000 company.
An AIA-certified integrator, Integro is experienced in vision inspection, such as color matching, robot guidance, cap and color inspection, 3D imaging, and ID verification.
This Ann Arbor-based is opening up new markets all around the world.
Coherix: Technology allows closer check of precision parts, Detroit Free Press, Feb 10 2008.
Predator3D bead inspection is not affected by part color or ambient lighting changes, providing robust operation even in "black-on-black" or "gray-on-gray" situations where 2D techniques fail.
Most people turned away when they heard the words manufacturing, Michigan, and Detroit Three in Carlson`s elevator pitch.
At that point Coherix went from promising tech startup working to scale its growth to company in survival mode.
Coherix launched in 2004 with ambitions of going for an initial public offering (IPO) before the end of the decade.
was formerly known as HoloVision Products Group and changed its name to Coherix, Inc.
The company provides services in the areas of measurement, calibration, training and part programming, preventative maintenance, and research and development aspects.
Coherix partners with a diverse customer base of OEMs, manufacturers, system integrators and application providers.
As body, final assembly and drivetrain manufacturers increasingly rely on structural adhesives, in-line inspection of bead quality becomes more and more important.
The resulting 3D data enables manufacturers to decrease cost and shorten time to market by preventing unscheduled downtime, eliminating scrap, and increasing throughput.
Browse Cameras & Imaging, Lasers, Optical Components, Test & Measurement, and more.
The system covers the surface of a part with laser light captured by a camera, then stitches together a picture to determine whether a part meets standards or is off by a few microns.
Coherix offers technology that uses lasers to measure complex parts down to a micron, or a thousandth of a millimeter, in a matter of seconds.
In 2003, the key members of the team that founded Perceptron and took it public got behind Coherix (whatever that actually means).
Benzinga is a fast-growing, dynamic and innovative financial media outlet that empowers investors with high-quality, unique content.
The company also established its China Joint Venture and Germany GmbH last year.
It tells you how much bead is dispensed at where at any instantaneous moment.
Carlson is optimistic about not only his company`s chances at growth but the overall region`s chances after it survived the Great Recession, mainly because neither wasted a crisis.
Taking Coherix public in a few years is back on the table again.
It is currently hiring people in Ann Arbor, China and Europe.
It currently employs 50 people, most of whom are employed in Ann Arbor.
The rest of it will be spent building the business in Ann Arbor.
Carlson expected investors to come flocking to sink money into a company that survived the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.
Coherix burned through $9.6 million between 2008 and 2010 to keep the lights on.
economy in 2008 and landed squarely on Michigan`s economy like a ton of bricks.
Coherix is a startup that has gone from darling to dog and back to darling again in the eyes of investors.
Only a company representative may request an update for the company profile.
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